Looking At The Backgrounds of Selena Gomez & Nicki Minaj


Selena Marie Gomez was, for a moment, widely known for her rebellious character on Disney Channel, Alex Russo. Today, she is an A list celebrity whom associates herself with a so called ‘squad’ lead by another A list celeb Taylor Swift. Gomez had a long tumultuous on and off again relationship with YouTube phenomenon turned pop star Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez now has a very successful album and looked past her unfortunate diagnosis with lupus.


Onika Miraj, more famously known for her figure in the Nicki Minaj big ass persona, was born in Trinidad and raised by her mother who also raised Minaj’s brother. Nicki Minaj reported to have an abusive father who once successfully burned her home down in Bronx, New York. Nicki Minaj is now a leading rap star who has delved into pop music. She got her start from being featured onto dozens of other rapper’s songs — some only 30 seconds of her rapping, others at 2:00+ minutes.


However, there are a select few movies where the actors were actually being filmed onscreen doing the hanky panky. Nymphomanic: Volume I was one of few. This film starred Shia La Beouf who agreed to the raunchy scenes. As it turned out, however, it was performed by two pornographic actors. Additionally, The Brown Bunny is an independent Cannes film where actress Chloë Sevigny gives actor Vincent Gallo a very much real oral pleasure. A lot were skeptical if it was real until Chloë Sevigny herself confirmed it was indeed legitimate.

Hussain Sajwani Enhances The Success Of Dubai And The UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most technologically advanced and successful countries in the world with a focus on developing new areas of industry to move the economy away from the oil and gas which the nation’s current success was built on. The owner and founder of DAMAC Properties have helped build the success of the nation with his own focus on creating a luxury real estate empire and assisting with many philanthropic efforts within the nation and beyond.


Each Ramadan, the Royal Family of the UAE partner with the Red Crescent humanitarian group and prominent members of the community of Dubai to bring food and clothing to low-income children from the UAE and across the planet. One of those who have answered the call from the Royal Family to provide clothing for millions of children during the colder periods of the Winter is Hussain Sajwani and his own DAMAC Properties group which remains one of the most successful in Dubai after surviving the global economic crash of 2008. The Hussain Sajwani family was responsible in a single year for the provision of enough clothing to assist more than one million children in remaining warm throughout the Winter of a single year.


In late 2017, the DAMAC owner once again came together with members of the UAE Royal Family to create a new program determined to develop the understanding of computer programming methods among around one million young people across the UAE. The One Million Arab Coders Initiative is the next step in the work of the next generation of the UAE Royal Family as they look to take the lead role in moving the Middle East away from the oil and gas industries which were responsible for the initial development of the economy of the region. The funding provided by Hussain Sajwani will aid in providing a $1 million prize for the top coder come to the end of the initiative.


A successful business leader in many different areas of his life, Hussain Sajwani was recently named as one of the top 100 Arab business people in the world by Gulf Business as his reach is now spreading to the U.K. and different areas of the Middle East.


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Bob Reina: Talk Fusion Software Is Unmatched By Our Competitors

A better edition of Live Meetings was introduced by Talk Fusion’s founder Bob Reina. This computer program facilitates advanced real-time communications, utilizing an updated interface and the WebRTC system.

With Live Meetings software, users can easily transmit videos one way and set up conferences. This convenient, user-friendly application is effective at arranging presentations and meetings. It supports a maximum of 15 hosts and 500 participants, and guests have the option of connecting via smartphone, tablet, or PC.

With this improved software, recording technology can be used, without the need for a separate downloading or use of a web browser. It is convenient and faster since installation of the Adobe Flash Player is not required, and additional plug-in software is unnecessary.

The company president stated that the new edition was unmatched by competitive technology, and reaffirmed his commitment to WebRTC, vowing to include it in every Talk Fusion software application. WebRTC with its distinctively clear audio and video, is advantageous to both computer users and marketing professionals. Both user-friendly and security maximizing, the software produces smooth video feeds, and the audio is not distorted.

Talk Fusion distinguishes itself being the only technology company that facilitates large conferences of 500 or more people, using WebRTC as a base. This innovative company is the leader in introducing high quality, reliable, and advanced technology.

Live Meetings has become the second Talk Fusion Video Suite product to benefit from WebRTC technology, after it was used in the firm’s Video Chat. This application has won several awards for its use of WebRTC, and for its effectiveness as outstanding communicative solution software.

Talk Fusion’s applications give users another avenue for boosting revenues and retaining their long-term loyal customers. Businesses use their software to produce compelling videos in promotional campaigns. Potential customers are more readily engaged, and the marketing messages are far more effective, giving merchants the competitive edge they seek. Learn more: https://homebusinessmag.com/author/bob-reina/

Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, founded the company after attending college in Florida and serving as a policeman. He realized he was a natural salesman, began to network market, and in 2004 came up with the idea for the firm. He then began collaborating with Jonathan Chen to develop Video Email, its first product.

For the past ten years, Reina has developed new software to market and introduced marketing strategies, which are regarded by many businesses as highly effective. Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have generously donated money and Video Suite software to many nonprofits

Adam Milstein: The Importance of Philanthropy

For those who have been blessed with good fortune financially, they feel a responsibility to help others. While some do so by writing a check to one group after another, others choose to give their time as well as their money. This has been the case with Adam Milstein, who as one of the world’s most renowned philanthropists has helped numerous Israeli and Jewish families throughout the world improve their lives through education and other means.

The Importance of Reading

Having gotten where he is today largely due to receiving an excellent education, Adam Milstein devotes much of his time and resources to helping others learn the value of an education. Using the expertise he gained from having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Adam has used his knowledge to form various groups aimed at helping others realize their dreams. One of these is the SifriyatPijamaB’America, which emphasizes reading and learning. Founded by Adam and his wife Gila, the organization’s purpose is to provide free books to Israeli and Jewish families on a monthly basis. By doing so, Adam’s foundation is able to help more than 70 families each month receive books written in Hebrew, enabling them to learn about Jewish values.

Funding and Guidance

To ensure he can help as many people as possible, Adam Milstein knows it takes a special combination of funding and guidance to help people reach their goals. By using his time and money to help others through the Milstein Family Foundation, started by Adam and his wife, Adam has been able to target specific populations of individuals, including young children as well as senior citizens, and provide them the resources needed to improve their lives.

Paving Life Paths

Perhaps most of all, Adam Milstein knows it is being able to give people as much help as possible that will lead to great results. Whether it’s helping young children with their education, helping seniors learn to read, or helping organizations committed to improving Israel-U.S. relations, there’s no doubt Adam Milstein knows the true value of philanthropy.

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