Looking At The Backgrounds of Selena Gomez & Nicki Minaj


Selena Marie Gomez was, for a moment, widely known for her rebellious character on Disney Channel, Alex Russo. Today, she is an A list celebrity whom associates herself with a so called ‘squad’ lead by another A list celeb Taylor Swift. Gomez had a long tumultuous on and off again relationship with YouTube phenomenon turned pop star Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez now has a very successful album and looked past her unfortunate diagnosis with lupus.


Onika Miraj, more famously known for her figure in the Nicki Minaj big ass persona, was born in Trinidad and raised by her mother who also raised Minaj’s brother. Nicki Minaj reported to have an abusive father who once successfully burned her home down in Bronx, New York. Nicki Minaj is now a leading rap star who has delved into pop music. She got her start from being featured onto dozens of other rapper’s songs — some only 30 seconds of her rapping, others at 2:00+ minutes.


There are seldom movies where there are sex scenes where the actors have actually participated in intercourse onscreen. The reasoning for this is — well, the list is never ending. However, there are a select few movies where the actors were actually being filmed onscreen doing the hanky panky. Nymphomanic: Volume I was one of few. This film starred Shia La Beouf who agreed to the raunchy scenes. As it turned out, however, it was performed by two pornographic actors. Additionally, The Brown Bunny is an independent Cannes film where actress Chloë Sevigny gives actor Vincent Gallo a very much real oral pleasure. A lot were skeptical if it was real until Chloë Sevigny herself confirmed it was indeed legitimate.

An Interview With David McDonald, President Of OSI Group

David G. McDonald studied Bachelor of Science and specialized in Animal Science at Iowa State University. He is the serving President of OSI Food distribution group. He also served as a director at Marfrig Global Foods.

David is also the chairman of North America Meat Institute and has also worked as project manager for the OSI Group Industries. Additionally, David is an active member of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity.

OSI Group leads in the supply of protein food stuff and beef patties and is well positioned in the market since it has a global network with local management teams. The company has more than fifty branches in at least seventeen countries, and one of its largest food processor and distributors in the world is rope.

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The company is currently growing in the market of China where it has enjoyed a strong presence for over 20 years now. During the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, OSI supplied one hundred and thirteen tons of different kinds of foodstuffs mainly eggs, beef, pork, dehydrated onion, and chicken.

Donald McDonald OSI Group is helping with the sustainability of the company through his endless efforts. He has obtained foreign partners and forging bridges all over the world to work with in a bid to improve the firm’s market position in the world. OSI is also aiming at becoming the largest poultry distributor in China. Last year, a new plant that is attached to a refrigerated distribution and warehouse company in Geneva was announced. McDonald states that the company has a lot of interest in expanding and therefore, it will not stop growing any time soon.

According to Donald McDonald, Baho’s company menu compliments that of OSI and this is one of the main reasons for the acquisition of Baho food. He says that the company will retain all its employees including the current managing director Mr. John Blavers. Donald McDonald says that he intends to work together with the OSI Group to develop new techniques that will strengthen their position in the market. The company intends to create seven new production and processing outlets across the globe. A new food processing plant that manufactures vegetable products for retails and quick service restaurants is to be set up in India.

Developing a Successful Mindset at Success Academy

Success in life is achieved through hard work and discipline. Success Academy plays this role very well. Training a child how to be successful at a young age will make them successful when they are young. This is because they understand their purpose in life. They have a vision and a plan to execute it. A child who is exposed to an environment that stretches their mind to learn about their purpose will have an easier time understanding and achieving their goals in life.

The successful approach of life enables one to become a fighter and a solution-oriented individual. They will not be afraid of life challenges. They will be in a position to face and solve challenges easily. This mindset is essential in facing life. It is an important aspect of life because it influences the mindset of people and how they act. This enables such children to become responsible adults with a sound character in life. This is what is happening at Success Academy. Success Academy teaches children what they do not know and also convey it in a manner that builds a successful mindset in the children. The competitive advantage of Success Academy is not on what they teach. It is how they teach it. This enables the children to develop a character that can be tested in life. They are able to pass different tests of life successfully.

This is the best thing that a child can be introduced to at an early stage. It cultivates their various abilities in life and molds them into individuals who are open-minded. This will facilitate the children to change the society positively when they grow up. The society will benefit because it will attract people who can develop different strategies that impact people positively. Parents should evaluate the quality of education that their children are introduced to because it acts as a base in their lives. Success Academy is the best school for your child.